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Easily invest in private funds

The traditional process of investing in private funds is tedious, difficult, and expensive. We’re here to make private funds simple and transparent.

We save investors time by listing funds at scale, automating diligence, and simplifying the investment process. Velvet helps you easily discover funds, connect with managers, evaluate track records, and make investments on behalf of clients or yourself.

Velvet's fund marketplace that allows you to browse and invest in private funds.

Discover dozens of vetted private funds in minutes

Don’t limit yourself or your firm to your broker’s shortlist. See the whole picture of the private fund marketplace. Velvet curates hedge funds, venture capital, private credit, and private equity at scale. Our listings platform makes it easy to find funds based on mandates, categories, fund types, asset exposure, size, returns, and more.

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Private Funds
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All the information you need about a fund

Velvet listings were designed with the LP in mind. Start the investment decision long before meeting a manager.

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Sectors and strategies
Venture funds are categorized by which types of companies they invest in, and hedge funds are categorized by strategy type
Staff profiles
Key fund staff are required to fill out a profile including their track record and background checks
Summary Information
Quickly review important info like qualification requirements, minimums, fund structure, target fund size, vintage year, and more
Performance data and analytics
Performance data and risk metrics are directly on every listing - monthly returns for hedge funds and a schedule of investments for venture funds
Marketing documents
Every listing includes full marketing documents like PPMs, fund decks, research reports, and anything else they want to include
Qualitative info
Dive deeper than the numbers and get a full view of the fund. Read descriptions and thesis of managers in their own words.

What private finance looks like now:


1. Buy databases of funds for $30,000 each

Sit through multiple sales calls per year and spend thousands of dollars for access to a database that lists each type of fund.

2. Spend hours on planes and days at conferences

Get spammed via email, approached at conferences, hard pitched, soft pitched, and spend thousands on travel.

3. Filter 80% of the listings that are out of date or unusable

The vast majority of listings on databases like preqin and pitchbook are unusable, out of date, or incorrect. In a database of 30,000 funds, less than 1000 of the funds are active. In real life, 95% of the approaches are unusable or uninvestable.

4. Cold outreach the manager

Write a cold email or call to the manager and send an email.

5. Ask for a fund deck via email

To learn the basics about a fund, you’ll need to request a deck or PPM.

6. Set up a meeting to talk specifics

Weeks after you got started, you’ll talk with the manager face to face.

What private finance should be:


1. Sign up for velvet

Onboard in less than 3 minutes for yourself or your institution.

2. Browse the whole market of vetted private funds

Look at a diverse set of curated funds in HF, VC, and PE categories.

3. Chat with the manager at the click of a button

You can schedule a meeting directly with the manager on every single fund.

Simplicity built from the ground up for sophisticated investors

Even though it’s simple, Velvet supports investments from authorized third parties investing on behalf of entities and individuals. We built it for investment advisors, family offices, endowments, pension funds, trusts, fund-of-funds, and other institutional clients.

Velvet for financial institutions
Research, evaluate, and offer private funds to your clients
Creating a client in your financial institution.

High resolution fund benchmarking

Velvet listings are designed to present every piece of information available on a fund. Start the investment decision long before meeting a manager.

Velvet's fund marketplace has advanced performance analytics.

Get started investing in private funds

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