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Series A

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Hardware/Physical Tech

Amount company is raising

$15 Million

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TimeWrap is a ground-breaking tech startup leading the charge in virtual reality. Our revolutionary product, a time-dimension VR headset, allows users to immerse themselves within key moments and events throughout history.

By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, state of the art VR technology, and utilizing the vast historical data available around the globe, TimeWrap provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn from and interact with our past.

Imagine being a bystander during the signing of the Declaration of Independence or traversing through ancient Rome at its peak. Our technology is not just a leap in education but a significant step forward in how we preserve and interact with our own history. The potential for TimeWrap extends from the fields of education, to travel, fitness, gaming, and therapy. With a diverse product utilization range, we aim to transform VR usage from niche to mainstream.

Our goal for the next fund-raising round is to raise $15M to finalize our headset, improve our predictive AI, and enrich our historical event selection. By investing in TimeWrap, you are investing in the frontier of technological innovation, education, and historical preservation.

TimeWrap - Experiencing the past has never been more present.

Velvet augments your fund’s workflow like you’ve hired a new analyst

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Significantly speed up due diligence with our digital analyst copilot. Automatically structured insights into every deal - and your portfolio.

Portfolio management.

Velvet instantly builds your fund’s database of companies by extracting details directly from deal documents, decks, etc. It reads and summarizes them for you like an analyst would.

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Velvet AI is your private workspace. Unless you’re sharing it yourself, none of your info will be seen by other users or businesses.

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