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Raise money for your venture fund online

Roadshows are difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Managers spend months fundraising and thousands of dollars before a single committment is made.

Raise money for your fund on Velvet - Our online private fund marketplace can increase your exposure to institutional allocators, decrease time for LP due diligence, and speed up your fundraise.

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Automate your fundraise

Avoid a roadshow

Go through the diligence process once then get exposure to institutional allocators like family offices, pension funds, endowments, fund-of-funds, and more. Velvet makes the discovery process easy for allocators, so they can find the right funds quickly and easily.

We support a diverse market of funds

Allocators on Velvet have a large number of unique mandates and exposure targets. Whether your fund has a more traditional strategy, operates on the public markets, invests in private debt or private equity, digital assets, and more, Velvet supports a diverse group of strategies and funds.

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Due diligence wastes fund’s time

By bringing the due diligence process to the front, allocators know your fund’s results are accurate and your team has been vetted. This allows for less work on both sides and a more efficient process.

The old inefficient way of doing due diligence.
Velvet's new, easy way of doing due diligence.
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InstitutionsIndividualsPrivate Funds


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