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The first point of access to private funds

As an individual investor, accessing private funds is difficult, time consuming, and expensive. If you don’t have the right network you’re almost locked out entirely, being forced to buy a $30k database and try to get meetings fund-by-fund.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Velvet makes it easy to discover, evaluate, and invest in private funds.

Velvet only accepts accredited investors and qualified purchasers.

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Velvet's fund marketplace that allows you to browse and invest in private funds.

Simplicity in the complex world of private finance.

Private funds are complex and unique investment vehicles, but that doesn’t mean they should be difficult to interact with. Put all of your effort into the investment decision, not the process.

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See alternative assets on Velvet

Read about the benefits of alternatives

Alternative assets have a number of benefits, and some drawbacks. Read about portfolios, trends, and more in our report on alternatives

Meet investor mandates by reviewing an incredibly diverse book of funds

Velvet listings are designed to present every piece of information available on a fund. Start the investment decision long before meeting a manager.

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